The Black Widows

Stories about women with deadly secrets

Jace. No vampires, no werewolves, no cliches - that is our guarantee. At least it was until we wrote a book about vampires.




About the author

One day, they will tell stories about one woman who contributed more to humanity than any other that came before her. Someone so incredible, so intelligent, that, after having been graced by her presence, the world would never be the same again. I am not this woman, but, I think I do okay.

During the day, I spend my time making websites for people and small businesses, as well as writing/marketing my novels. During the night, I like to read, drink, and fret about the fact that I've eaten too much and haven't done enough exercise. Then I go to bed.

My ultimate goal in life is to live long enough to see someone invent a healthy version of Doritos. I also wouldn't mind travelling.

If I could magically have any life I wanted, I'd be running a rustic bait and tackle store on the banks of a quiet river in Minnesota.

The best part of my day is my morning coffee. The worst part of my day is looking into the empty coffee cup.

I love good books, my dog, and my car (not all at the same time).

I hate know-it-alls, land developers, and Siri.

I wrote some books. You should read them.

Black Widow Fiction