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The Black Widow: A Crossdressing Erotica

A 419 scammer has lost a large sum of money belonging to his colleagues and now must race against time to pay them back. After his plan to conduct a series of robberies to get the cash falls through, the scammer gets a crazy idea that just may save his life. 

The Black Widow by Holly Sharp tells the story of one man's humiliating attempt to seduce, marry and murder a billionaire, in a desperate bid to save his life, as well as fuel a lavish lifestyle of women, drugs, and alcohol. Will the scammer be successful? Or will his victim discover his plans and secretly turn the tables on him?

Staying Her: A Transgender Romance

True love doesn’t burn, it smolders. Or, at least that’s what James had always thought. That is until he meets Kirsty, a beautiful and enigmatic woman with emerald hair. There’s only one problem: Kirsty is actually a man – a man who happens to spend every waking moment of his time as a girl – but a man nonetheless. Well, that and the fact that James is in a relationship, one that he doesn’t plan on getting out of anytime soon.

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