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The Black Widow: A Crossdressing Erotica

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The Black Widow: A Crossdressing Erotica

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A 419 scammer has lost a large sum of money belonging to his colleagues and now must race against time to pay them back. After his plan to conduct a series of robberies to get the cash falls through, the scammer gets a crazy idea that just may save his life. 

The Black Widow by Holly Sharp tells the story of one man's humiliating attempt to seduce, marry and murder a billionaire, in a desperate bid to save his life, as well as fuel a lavish lifestyle of women, drugs, and alcohol. Will the scammer be successful? Or will his victim discover his plans and secretly turn the tables on him?

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“Minchin looked at himself between the two women in the large mirror wall opposite him. Daniel Minchin – once a bully who called men with even the slightest hint of femininity and weakness things like 'gay' and 'fag' – was now standing there, in a dress, breastfeeding a five-month-old baby from his own, huge pair of monster tits.”

“Minchin came out of the bathroom, with his breasts half hanging out of a black sports bra, and his dick behind himself. Minchin wasn't wearing any panties, and so, when he stumbled over on an item of Davis' clothing, his dick slipped forward during the moment that his legs opened. Davis, seeing Minchin's dick, walked closer to the freak, and pushed the thing gently back between his legs. Minchin's mouth arched in anger as he felt his dick being fondled by another man, and he resisted the urge to deck him. “Thank you,” Minchin said bitterly, as he put on the pair of panties that Davis handed him.”

"You have ruined me, you fucking asshole. Now I will forever be known as the woman who had sex with Britain's most famous shemale!"

“Minchin got up and locked the door. Davis was out of his hair for a few hours as it was bad luck to see Minchin – the bride – before the wedding, and nobody would dare disturb the bride after she had announced that she was going to have a rest.
Minchin then returned to his table, sat on the chair opposite said table, and began wanking the giant dick hanging out of his white thong, and between his chalk white, pantyhose covered thighs. Minchin’s tits gyrated with each pleasurable motion.”

“Minchin, still on his knees, turned around to face Davis. Davis grabbed Minchin's head and forced it closer to his penis. Davis then aimed and moved his entire dick into Minchin's mouth, and he held the guy's head in that position. A look of rage came over Minchin's face as it struck him what was about to come. Davis began fucking Minchin's mouth.”

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Genre: Crossdressing erotica
Length: 75,000 words
Format: eBook (download includes a .mobi, and .epub file)
Release date: 2013
Tags: espionage, blackmail, spying, realistic gender change, sissy, tranny, transsexual, transgender, crossdresser, breast implants, self-imposed feminization, forced gay, stalking, humiliation, dominant to submissive, lingerie, throatfucking, facefucking, anal sex, tucking
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"I found your description of Minchin's transition and experiences of womanhood to be incredibly erotic (I apologize if that is too forward). This may sound strange but I enjoy stories that really take their time describing the changes that the character is going through (both physically and mentally) and you accomplished that in spades. You've probably already been asked this but, from what I could gather from the epilogue, it seems as though your planning to make a sequel. If so, I can't wait to read it. Foolishly, I hope that somehow that Minchin will be able to reconcile the things that have happened to him and actually be able to live happily as a woman (again I apologize if I am being to forward but I am a bit of a sap for the romantic and I in no way am telling or advising you how you should write your narratives). I don't mean that in the end Minchin should or could get back together with Davis but I couldn't help but notice some little things that Minchin was doing or thinking that might possibly hint some part of him deep down secretly enjoys it. But, then again, it could be my imagination (it probably is :P). Anyway, thank you very much again for this story and I hope to read more from you in the future!" 
- Reader review

"Daniel is a low-level member of the mob specializing in cons and scams. He is a thief, rapist, drug addict and a murderer, all expensive habits. When he finds himself on the receiving end of a con he is short on cash and in trouble with his boss. He decides to try to break into the big time…while wearing a skirt. Perversely planned and deliciously written, this is one of the most enjoyable TG stories I have ever read. I typically get bored with long TG stories quickly. This is one of the rare exceptions. It will hold your attention right up until the end."
- Reader review

I know, I can just speak for myself. But I promise, whoever is into forced feminization stories will love this book and the sequel 'The Reluctant Escort'. I never encountered such a realistic, thrilling book before. Most of them are way too submissive, not this one. If you love darker plots, this story if for you. The plot is about a conman, a total jerk towards girls, who sees them just as objects of lust. He develops the ultimate plan to make the perfect scam. Or did he? The writing style of the author is pure amazing. Each chapter is well structured, no plot holes. Great character depth. Buy this book and the sequel! It won't disappoint you.
~ Bowers

"This is such a great story, I can't even explain how perfect it is."
- Winterofdreams

"A very well written and stimulating story of a borderline psychopath. In debt to others as destructive as himself he disguises himself as a woman to deceive a lonely wealthy man for money. To make a long story short he subjects himself to various humiliations and body changes to get the money. Hands down the best feminization story I've ever read. She leaves it open for part two. I can't wait."
- Armand Lopez ( review)

"Excellent novella. If you are into feminization tales, this is a great buy. True, there are a lot of highly sexual scenes (and even some sex!), but what really got me was the character dynamics. Daniel Minchin DESPISES gay people, transgender women, and frankly women in general, and so to watch him force his own transformation is excellent. Perhaps my favorite thing is that he does not become "a woman in heart and soul" at the end, which a lot of these sorts of stories do and which always seemed unrealistic to me. Also, the deuteragonist/victim Ben Davis was much more interesting than I expected - while he does start out as the typical "lonely sad rich guy is seduced by gold digger" character he turns out to be made of a lot more *cough* sterner stuff *cough cough* than you might think. I suppose the greatest endorsement I can give the book is that this is the first review I have ever written for ANY book. Take that as you will."
- Customer review from

"I saw the teaser and had to buy the book ... I love the self imposed feminization! Is there going to be a sequel?"
- Customer review from

"An arousing look into the mind of a desperate criminal who will do anything it takes to stay alive - aside from get a job"
- Stephen Peel, USA

"Had me on the edge of my seat right until the end. The first half of the book was great, but latter half was mindblowing. I thought I'd predicted where the story was going to go before I started reading, but wow was I wrong! Can't wait for book two!
- Andrew Cauchi, Australia

"A great story, great characters and great writing makes for one of the best forced feminization novels I have ever read. The beautiful descriptions realize a character that is emasculated and humiliated through his own choosing right until the very end. It makes for some very hot reading. When the scammer's sugar-daddy finds out that his girlfriend (then fiance') is a man, the events that follow are hands-down the best material I've ever read dealing with forced-feminisation, with the victim then secretly becoming the scammer, and getting the shemale character to do all sorts of horrible things (I'll give you a hint: it involves surgery :) All in all, a very well written story. The story kept me entertained all week, which is not something I can say for the other stories in this genre. The fact that there are so many sections devoted to the male-version of the character at the beginning might be a turn off for some, but I personally think that the transformation is much hotter when you know the character a bit better. I'm looking forward to seeing the sequel which the author hinted at in the final paragraph! I'm betting it's the side-effects from the surgery!" 
- Marcus Kerr, Customer


Minchin bounced around as Davis' Mercedes passed over a few bumps in the road on the way to their destination a week later. They listened to the radio as the car barreled along the busy road. Davis was listening to a talk-radio show, something which suited Minchin just fine as it took the onus off him to make up female conversation.

Minchin would have been apprehensive about following through with Davis' plans for him this morning. He did protest, but not much. He needed to stay on Davis' good side now that Chelsea was leaving for a few weeks. He needed to stay on his good side so that Davis might buy him some more presents, and more presents meant more money for the women who would fill Chelsea's role until she returned.


Minchin and Davis alighted from their vehicle. 

They walked to a large, white building, and entered through a pair of doors. These doors led to an area, predominantly white, filled with professional looking cameras, black umbrellas, and an expensive car in the center.

“Hello, Mr. Davis,” a stylish woman carrying a clipboard said as she approached Davis and Minchin who were holding hands.

Davis shook the woman's hand.

“And you must be Miss Fox,” the woman said, turning toward Minchin.

Minchin shook her hand delicately. He was more than a little embarrassed about being addressed as a woman by the attractive girl. Minchin felt emasculated as she commented on his dress and shoes and showed him to the dressing room.

Davis let the ladies do their thing while he examined the car in the studio.


“This is where you'll pick out the outfit you'll wear in the shoots,” the woman told Minchin, motioning to a room with racks containing hundreds of different items of clothing. “You'll have plenty of time to look through it later. Right now, we'll need to get you over into makeup.”

“No!” Minchin said emphatically. The scammer didn't want anyone messing with his face but himself. If the makeup artists washed the existing makeup off his face, he would undoubtedly be exposed as a man. He could not allow that to happen. “I don't want anybody doing my makeup. It's good enough as it is.”

The woman thought a moment. “Okay,” she said. She adapted and instructed Minchin to find a costume he liked with the help of an obviously homosexual member of staff named 'Chad'.

“So you're Benjamin Davis' girlfriend, huh?” the homosexual said, attempting to make idle conversation with Minchin to pass the time as they tried on outfits.

“Yep,” Minchin replied softly.

“Nice work,” the gay replied, placing an effeminate hand on the conman’s shoulder.

Minchin couldn't help compare the way the homosexual spoke to his own way of speaking as Kimberly. It made him shudder to think how close he was to being a homosexual. As a devout homophobe, Minchin wanted nothing more than to distance himself from this pathetic creature and any activities in which he partakes. He desperately wanted to stop speaking like a girl, but he could not. Both himself and Chad had to keep ‘gaying it up’. Minchin thought to himself that, if he were an outside observer watching himself, right now, trying on outfits, he would, without a doubt, assume that he was the more homosexual of the two. This idea did not appeal to Minchin at all.

The pair finally settled upon a good outfit for the first shoot. 

Minchin changed into it out of the flared, green dress and cream top that he wore to the studio, and Minchin pranced out to the set.

I’m going to fulfill your wish, Kimberly, Minchin recalled Davis saying a few days ago. You said that you’d love to be a model on our second date. I’m going to make you a model.

Minchin shuddered once again.


Minchin stood there, in front of a host of female photographers and a horny Davis, in a strapless, red and blue Wonder Woman costume. He had stuffed his breast forms into the suit, and his cleavage made his breasts appear to slope down from below his collarbone, forming a pair of full boobs under the suit.

Why does this bitch have to wear something so chilly?? Minchin asked himself rhetorically about the superhero. The majority of his ass hung out of the costume, and, to Minchin’s chagrin, it was not a particularly warm day.

Minchin posed in various provocative positions before heading off to change into something else.


Davis looked at his watch after what seemed like an eternity went by. Minchin had been gone a while.

Why do women take such a long time to get ready? he wondered.

Davis noted that Kimberly looked very happy. In reality, Minchin was just masking utter infuriation and humiliation, but Davis took his falsity for truth. 

Davis was glad that he was making his baby's dream come true. Unbeknownst to Minchin, Davis had great plans for the pictures that would result from today.


Minchin pranced out a few minutes later in a white tutu. He looked visibly annoyed, no longer able to contain his anger at having to act like a sissy in front of the women taking his pictures.

He sucked his thumb like a little girl while the cameras flashed in his face.

Minchin didn't like the whole situation for reasons other than humiliation. He didn't like pictures of him being taken as Kimberly; he couldn't shake the idea that they could one day come back to haunt him. With these pictures, Kimberly was no longer a fleeting, temporary thing. She would be preserved in time. As long as these pictures existed, there would be evidence that Minchin was a crossdresser.


When Minchin was instructed to change into something else, he was given yet another item of clothing by Chad. It was a black swimsuit.

Minchin strutted out to the stage once again, but this time, rather than being told to pose, Minchin was given a bowl of soapy water, as well as a sponge. He was then pointed toward the car sitting in the studio.

Minchin moved toward the car, and leaned sexily against it, his half naked body freezing against the cold, steel body of the car.

Minchin posed in many places: he sat on top of the car with his legs spread; he sat in the driver's seat with a bonnet on his head; he polished the headlights with the sponge he was holding with his ass out; and after this, he took the sponge, and squeezed it so the soapy water emptied onto his chest and between his boobs.


Minchin stepped out of the shower during a break in the shoot.

He was still inside his one-piece swimsuit.

He was greeted by Davis, who proceeded to dry him off with a towel.

“There's something I want to show you,” Davis told him.

“What is it?” Minchin asked, his voice quavering with a hint of worry.

“Let's take a quick drive,” Davis replied.


Davis drove Minchin a few kilometers down the road. He stopped in the middle of the road, and waited for several cars to pass before he could turn into his destination.

Minchin saw the name of the place Davis was about to enter on a large sign. It was a Porsche dealership.


“What kind of car were you interested in, miss?” the dealer asked an astonished Minchin. The scammer turned his head toward Davis with a confused look.

“Tell the gentleman what you want,” Davis told him. He bore a huge grin on his face.

“Perhaps, if you're not sure, I can show you a few nice cars in your price range,” the salesman suggested.

“Price is not a consideration,” Davis stated.

“Very well, sir,” the dealer said.

Davis looked at Minchin: “Would you like to take a look around, sweetheart?”

“Yes!” Minchin exclaimed.

“Okay,” the dealer said. “Come this way.”


Minchin was shown various vehicles, from hatchbacks to four-wheel drives. The conman salivated at one vehicle in particular: a silver sedan with two exhausts and a raised section on the bonnet for extra air intake.

“Do you like this one?” Minchin asked Davis.

“It's a bit...masculine, don't you think?” Davis opined.

Minchin flinched at Davis' statement, but quickly adapted: “I'd feel safe in this,” he said sookily.

“Ah. I see,” Davis remarked with a smile. He himself admired the car. It was gorgeous.

“Would you like to take it for a test drive?” the dealer asked.

Minchin and Davis looked at each other excitedly.


Minchin took a left turn at a set of lights, following the dealer's directions to the letter.

“How does she handle?” Davis asked his girlfriend.

“I've never driven anything like this before,” Minchin said with a genuine smile on his face, and he wasn't exaggerating. The car was a dream to drive. It was powerful enough to respond to Minchin's every command within a second, and the drive was so smooth it seemed the car was hovering rather than making contact with the ground.

Minchin was so taken with the handling, as well as the beautiful, plush interior, that he almost swerved into a bus.

“Female drivers!” Davis remarked to the dealer.


“All we need is your signature there, madam, and she's all yours.”

Minchin, stunned, looked at Davis.

Davis nodded.

Minchin signed the paper, and he was handed the keys the incredible vehicle which he had chosen.


Davis and Minchin drove back to the studio, and, before they got out of the car, Minchin stopped Davis to have a little chat about what had just transpired.

“Why?” Minchin asked bluntly.

“Why what?” Davis said, grinning.

“As if I need to explain,” Minchin said, smiling femininely.

“Because I love you. Well, that and the fact that your car’s behind looks like it was assaulted by the Hulk,” Davis replied, referring to the rear of Minchin’s Jeep that was decimated by the black man a while ago. Minchin still hadn’t gotten it fixed.

The couple kissed through their smiles and proceeded back into the studio, where the scammer was coached in pole-dancing, and continued to pose in a number of provocative outfits in front of the cameras, with a renewed vigor. The outfits included a catsuit styled in the same colors and pattern of the British flag. At one point, Minchin wore a basic set of women's underwear, while wiggling in a hula hoop.


Minchin thought about all of the different things that Davis might buy him even before the plan was complete. With the power he seemed to have over this man, he might be able to squeeze a motorbike out of him like he'd always wanted, perhaps even a jet ski.

Minchin needed to reward Davis for his present.

Minchin sucked Davis’ dick as hard as he could for an hour and a half that afternoon. He deep throated the guy’s dick several times, severely scratching up the walls of his throat in the process, and, as a result, was left with a bad cough.


Several minutes after Minchin spat Davis' cum out onto the pavement beside his brand new car, he asked a question that had been on his mind:

“What are you going to do with the photos?”

Davis smiled.


The crowd dispersed as an impressive looking silver car came down the road. Music blared from inside the imposing vehicle as it came to rest amongst the crowd, in the light emanating from the blue, neon lights of the nightclub.

The car revved impressively, producing a vibration felt by the entire crowd.

Every member of the crowd looked on as an enigmatic man in a black suit exited the car and gave his keys to a staff member who proceeded to park the vehicle elsewhere.


Soon, Minchin was sandwiched between two glamorous looking, big breasted women who stroked his hair and hung off of his every word. Minchin never got this much attention when he was driving that old Jeep.


As the scammer was soaking up the attention from the two blondes at his sides and enjoying a beer, he noticed men all around him looking at a magazine.

“Get me one of those magazines will ya, babe?” Minchin asked one of the blondes.

Several minutes later, she dutifully returned with a copy.

Minchin looked at the cover.

It was the new issue of Zoo, an adult magazine filled with male-oriented articles and pictures of scantily clad women.

Minchin usually loved this magazine, but today, he did not, for on the cover, sitting on top of a car and covered with soap, was Kimberly.

Minchin looked around self-consciously. 

He noticed the men who were looking at the extended gallery inside the magazine, which showed the best photos from Minchin's recent photo-shoot. 

Minchin could see men becoming erect as they leered over the images of him in a tutu. To Minchin’s horror, he also observed several men taking the pictures into the gent's and coming out with very satisfied looks on their faces.

Minchin opened the magazine and was greeted with a large double spread featuring his own ass in a catsuit, as well as several other images showing him with his legs open in a Wonder Woman costume.

“Who's the babe?” the bimbo to Minchin's left asked.

Minchin's mouth arched in anger at the woman's question, just before he saw a man bury his face into the double spread of Minchin's ass.

Minchin had no idea that Davis would get his pictures in Zoo, a popular men's magazine. After seeing the reception to the images here, Minchin knew that thousands of men all over the country were, at that very moment, masturbating over him.

Minchin shuddered and felt his scratched throat, making him cough for almost half a minute.

This week, Daniel Minchin was the scantily clad cover model, and he did not like it at all.


On his way home, Minchin stopped in at a petrol station to fill up his new Porsche.

He was happy, having had sex several times with women at the club. When Minchin went inside to pay, however, his happiness was short-lived. In the station's store, he spied several teenage boys peering into a magazine, perving on his legs, breasts and ass in various positions.

“Wonder Woman! Yeah!” he heard one of the kids call as they snuck out of the station with the magazine.

Minchin felt like killing them.


When Minchin had arrived at Davis' mansion that night, the doorman greeted him warmly.

“Hello, Miss Fox,” he said.

Minchin had seen this man many times on his way in and out of Davis' home.

Minchin pondered the man as he drove into the complex. The doorman knew Kimberly. Kimberly, to this man, was a real person whom he recognized. Minchin's disguise was another person. It was an odd thing to think about.


Minchin showed Davis the magazine after the couple greeted each other.

Davis looked lovingly at Kimberly.

“You're a model now,” he said, stroking the nape of her neck. “Talent scouts have been calling all evening.”

Minchin, still grateful for his car, rather than beheading Davis, thanked him, and gave him a back massage.

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