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The New Girl: A Crossdressing Erotica


The New Girl: A Crossdressing Erotica

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Solartech Energy's announcement of a new solar technology spells trouble for Brandon Rodriguez, the CEO of a major oil company not prepared for the future. With the company's cash-cow about to become obsolete and the stock price tanking, the board of directors have given him three months to come up with a plan to save the company. In huge amounts of debt to a loanshark, Rodriguez knows that, if he loses his $350,000 salary, he's as good as dead. Scared, desperate, and with no good ideas, the oil magnate stumbles upon an advertisement on the internet that might just be the silver-bullet to all his problems: ‘Solartech Energy: Executive assistant to CEO wanted. $40K a year. Stockings optional. Ready to assume the position? Submit your resume today!’ 

The New Girl is an erotic story intended for an adult audience. It concerns male-to-female cross-dressing, male submission, forced feminization, as well as oral and anal sex between a man and a feminized male. Please do not buy or read if you find such themes offensive.

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Genre: Crossdressing erotica
Length: 50,000 words
Format: eBook (download includes a .mobi and .epub file)
Release date: 2016
Tags: espionage, blackmail, spying, realistic gender change, sissy, tranny, transsexual, transgender, crossdresser, breast implants, self-improsed feminization, forced gay, stalking, humiliation, dominant to submissive, lingerie, throatfucking, facefucking, anal sex, tucking
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“Don’t forget about me, Rodriguez,” the woman warned. “I should have cut your balls off rather than coach you on how to pretend you don’t have any, after you cheated on me when we were together. Make sure I get my cut.”

“Rodriguez ignored her. His thoughts turned inward, to how self-conscious he felt in the new set of panties he was wearing. He could feel them cutting in his tucked balls and leaving the majority of his ass exposed. There was literally nowhere for his junk to go inside the tight, lacy material. He would have given anything for his briefs back, but that pervy bastard, Slade, had noticed something was up when he wore them yesterday. As such, Rodriguez’s massive dick had eight and a half hours of torture to look forward to today. That torture wouldn’t let up until he was in his car and heading home. It was 8:58am. He’d be in the car by 5:30pm. Between that, the restrictive pencil skirt, and the 4-inch heels murdering his feet, it was almost enough to make Rodriguez turn around and forget about the whole thing. He knew, however, that he had no choice. He pressed on.”

“On a whim, Slade went over to the suitcases and unzipped the one on the top. Inside, he found a slew of women’s underwear. A huge array of bras, panties, and g-strings was inside, of in different colors and styles. Slade reached down and picked up one of those panties. He held the red, lacy garment in his hand and felt its soft texture. Then, he placed it to his nose and took in its smell. He withdrew the second he started - the underwear smelled awful. Mercifully, Slade was unaware of the reality behind what he had just done: the man had just smelled Brandon Rodriguez’s dick. Slade pocketed the pair of panties, then. He wasn’t sure why, but stealing the panties thrilled him like nothing ever had before. He decided to steal a bra, too; a matching lacy red set.”

“He lifted the lid of the bowl. Then, he pulled down the small zip at the back of his skirt and let the garment drop to the floor. Rodriguez wriggled out of his panties soon after. Those panties - a simple black set - came to rest around his ankles, on top of the pencil skirt and red stiletto heels already there. All the while, Rodriguez held his massive, 8-inch schlong between his legs. From the front, one would never be able to distinguish him from a woman. In this position, his crotch was as flat as a pancake. If one were to look at Jessica Hunter from behind, though, they would never recover from what they saw. Rodriguez’s dick hung down, constantly trying to return to its original position, but prevented from doing so by Rodriguez’s closed legs. When he sat, his flaccid member dangled down almost far enough to touch the water at the bottom of the bowl.”


"I have read this and The Black Widow and both are well-told stories. They end at points where your imagination can take over. I can't wait for her next feminization story. Hollys are the very best out there bar none."
~ Myriad

"Together with her The Black Widow books, this is one of the best stories in the forced feminization genre. Absolutely loved it, and you will do too. Deep characters and a clever plot with a fantastic "open" ending which lets you want more, way more. The author truly became one of my favorites after I read her work. Can't wait for her next forced feminization work."
~ Bowers


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