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The Black Widow #3: Sneak Peek

Desperate con-artist, Daniel Minchin – disguised as his voluptuous new alter-ego, Priscilla Ellington – goes to the beach with his new victim in a string bikini. When a wave crashes into him and takes his bikini bottoms with it, Minchin must race against time to find a way to hide his giant schlong, save himself from exposure and public humiliation, and keep his scam alive.

This story 6000-word short story is a chapter from the second sequel to the popular Black Widow series, involving Daniel Minchin, a desperate conman who will do anything for money except get a job.

Genre: Crossdressing erotica
Length: 6,000 words.
Release date: 2017
Price: FREE!

The Other Mother

Morgan Acacia is a full-time fisherwoman and a part-time drunk. With the help of her spunky teenage daughter, Thalia, she keeps the miners working in the town’s gold mine fed and a roof over her head.

When her ex-girlfriend is attacked and a miner is killed by an invisible force that some are calling a ghost, Morgan’s quiet life on the shores of the island she calls home quickly comes to an end.

Instead of lazing around on her sailboat all day and trading wisecracks with her daughter as she likes to do, Morgan is drawn into an effort to determine what is responsible for the attacks in the town and to defeat it before it kills again.

And, as if that wasn’t inconvenient enough, she has to do it all while terrible secrets from her past are so rudely coming to light, and while trying to ignore the fact that her daughter has received a letter from the mainland that threatens to turn her world upside-down.

Genre: Comedy/mystery with lesbian main characters
Tags: Mystery, ghost, family, single mother, humor, comedy, not a romance
Format: eBook (download includes a .mobi and .epub file)
Release date: 2016
Length: 85,000 words
Price: FREE!


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